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Our vision is to innovate through development of products and services that significantly improve healthcare delivery and the lives of patients. We leverage our expertise and capabilities in engineering, business and strategy to identify and frame commercial opportunities.

Although our primary focus is on development of medical devices, we understand this is only part of the complex set of solutions required to solve the big healthcare challenges. We see digital health and the move of diagnosis, treatments and care away from the hospital and into local communities as pivotal in the reformation of healthcare system. 

We create, partner with and support ventures that aim to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce associated costs. Please get in touch if you think we can help you or you want to explore partnership opportunities.


Mahmut Tuncer (aka Mac) is a engineering technology expert with many years of experience of developing products and technologies. He is a Cambridge University graduate with a doctorate in biomechanics from Imperial College London and a chartered member of the institute of mechanical engineers.

For most of his professional career Mac has worked as a technology consultant. He has helped pioneering healthcare businesses develop mechanical and electro-mechanical medical devices; and led initiatives for creation of valuable intellectual property. Mac has a track record of developing successful ideas, assessing feasibility, and diagnosing and addressing risks associated with device and technology developments. He also works as a consultant to help businesses develop medical devices.

Laura Kennedy

Laura Kennedy has a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and an MBA from Dublin Institute of Technology. She has over 8 years experience healthcare sales and marketing and has successfully led the launch of 2 commercial brands to market.

She has worked as a strategic marketing consultant, advising top 10 pharmaceutical companies such as Abbvie and Novartis on their commercial marketing strategy. She has also worked as a director in a patient support agency specializing in interventional behavioral psychology and delivery of interventional tools such as smartphone applications and online portals. She has an in-depth understanding of behavioral issues associated with healthcare interventions and adherence.


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